5 Benefits Of Custom E-learning Solutions

When you think of e-learning, you might think of online tests made up of multiple choice questions and checkboxes. What if e-learning could be something more interesting?  With custom e-learning solutions from Esus, it is.

Custom e-learning solutions offer a different approach than off-the-shelf e-learning options by transforming your company message and making it more engaging.  Instead of just adding your logo and text to a standard white-label e-learning layout, custom e-learning breathes life into your content

At Esus, we take the content you have in whichever form it comes, be that a PowerPoint, training manual or any source material and we completely transform it. By turning your original material into bespoke elearning formats, we bring your content to life. We make ordinary content interesting, engaging, and memorable.

Nothing created by Esus is ‘off-the-shelf’. Our graphics and animations are original; you will never find a stock image in an Esus creation! That’s why so many multinational organisations and companies are including Esus’ custom e-learning development in their business growth planning.

Here are five of the many benefits of custom e-learning solutions.

1) Custom E-Learning Is Completely Adaptable To Your Audience

Every company and organisation is different, and your e-learning content should be too. No two audiences are the same, which is why bespoke e-learning solutions work best.

Whatever the age demographic, seniority or ability of your audience, your e-learning solution can be custom developed to suit them.

At Esus, every e-learning development project begins with a scoping session. This session is an opportunity for us to sit down together and pin down your exact needs. We also want to learn about your audience, about their language needs, learning needs and everything you can tell us about them. These details will help us build a solution that is unique to you and your audience.

In our custom e-learning solutions, we use a combination of different techniques depending on the audience’s needs. These can include:

2) Custom E-Learning Helps You Reach More People

Whether you have ten employees in Cork or a diverse audience of thousands worldwide, Esus e-learning solutions help you reach your audience.

E-learning reduce the need for onsite training. Gone are the days when employees had to travel to HQ for training days. Your custom e-learning can reach anyone you want it to through their digital devices.

We can even help you overcome language barriers with visuals, animated content, demonstration videos and translation. At Esus, we can localise and translate your content into up to 45 different languages.

3) Custom E-Learning Is More Efficient

Using bespoke e-learning solutions that are unique to your organisation results in delivering training and messaging quicker and more effectively.

We understand the challenges that come with delivering training, like how much time can be lost on planning and logistics. Then there’s the need for a venue of a specific size and staff travel time. That’s why we offer a more efficient option. With e-learning, you can save both time and money while delivering quality, consistent training at the employee’s location.

There’s also less risk of anyone from your team missing the training or announcement. Instead of an employee falling behind because of being on leave, they can pick right up where they left off.

You also have the option of tracking the progress of trainees and participants. All Esus e-learning solutions are SCORM compliant and can be used with your learning management system.

For more information about using e-learning for your company needs, contact us at Esus E-learning on 021 4366 239

4) Custom E-Learning Is Cost Effective

One of the elements that makes bespoke e-learning development so cost effective is the logistics savings you can benefit from. E-learning can be viewed and completed at a place and time that suits your audience; saving you potentially thousands of euros on training venues, travel and staff hours.

Investment in custom e-learning ensures you have an e-learning solution that retains its quality. It also allows participants to check back in to brush up on their skills or refresh their learning.

Using custom e-learning also means less man hours checking up on participants. You will know at the click of a button who has participated. You’ll also have the option of automating reminders to prompt those yet to complete their e-learning.

5) Custom E-Learning Maintains The Quality Of Your Brand

When you’ve worked hard to build a reputation of quality, it’s important to maintain that in all you do.

We know that your brand is about more than just a logo. That’s why we make solutions that are completely on brand for you. Choosing to develop an e-learning solution that is genuinely bespoke rather than off the shelf gives you total quality control. It allows you to present content that is memorable but still one hundred per cent on brand. No exceptions, no corners cut.

Investing in a custom e-learning solution for your company shows your team that you are committed to investing in their growth and development. By turning your content into something memorable and engaging, you are making something your colleagues and trainees will want to consume.

Get Started With Bespoke E-Learning Development

At Esus E-learning we work with clients worldwide to provide solutions that are changing how they work.  Bespoke e-learning development is an effective and cost efficient solution that improves and encourages engagement.

Our clients in Ireland, Mainland Europe, the US and beyond are all using e-learning solutions for unique approaches that suit their audience needs. From start to finish, we work closely with all of our clients to understand your needs and brand values. Esus transform your content into content that really delivers.

Contact Esus E-learning today to see how we can help you develop an e-learning customer solution info@esus.ie.

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