E-learning Course Development

E-learning Courses are developed with mixed multimedia; using bespoke graphics, audio, video, animation, gamification, and user-interaction, to maximise material retention. They aim to strike the right balance of content delivery and user engagement.


Courses are developed with mixed multimedia using a combination of bespoke graphics, audio, video, animation, and user-interaction. Key learnings are conveyed using clear and engaging illustrations, images, and graphics throughout, to retain trainee’s attention.
With all course visuals being custom drawn for the client, the style of the course is always a 100% match to the client’s brand guidelines and preferences.
Courses are designed with the aim of producing the right balance of content delivery and learner engagement, including animation of screen elements, short user-interaction pieces and optional quiz questions.
Esus uses learning principles including cognitive load theory to provide a foundation for the development of client content. Our primary aim is to assure effective learner retention and required behaviour change.



This course helped us promote a key message across our teams and we are thrilled with the result. The extended team at Esus were a pleasure to deal with throughout the project and successfully brought to life what we had envisioned. I would highly recommend Esus for e-learning solutions.


Sample Projects

Below is a selection of sample E-LEARNING COURSE projects we have recently worked on with clients:

PepsiCo had an excellent classroom-based course but because it was led by a small group of Subject Matter Experts, they were limited…
Sanmina, a leading global manufacturer of medical devices, needed to create an E-learning Course to support the rollout of their Dignity …
Pfizer needed to convert a PowerPoint-based course into something more engaging to help colleagues understand the Safe Harbour process and its...

Use Cases

E-learning Courses can be provided as a standalone solution and often include elements from other solutions including live video, animation and gamified content. Use cases are limitless because the bespoke nature of our E-learning Courses ensures a 100% fit to a client’s needs, regardless of objective, subject-matter or intended audience. Based on previous projects conducted by Esus, sample E-learning Course use cases include:

Courses to replace or support classroom-based training

Courses to enhance or replace a PowerPoint-based presentation

Courses to support the rollout of a new Company Policy or Procedure

Courses to support the induction of new employees

Courses to train staff on industry compliance material

Courses to educate users on a new company Product or Service


  • Cost and time saving can be significant when compared to classroom-based or other training interventions. The larger the audience/usage, the more significant the savings!
  • Carbon savings can also be significant when compared to classroom-based training.
  • Reduced dependence on SMEs as trainers / coaches.
  • Reduced dependency on resources i.e. training rooms
  • Trainees can learn at their own pace.
  • Increased material retention and deeper subject immersion than static / paper-based content.
  • Opportunity for greater engagement with the target audience.
  • More consistent delivery of content.
  • Course ‘attendance’ can be recorded for legal, audit, compliance and personal development purposes.


Fully xAPI & SCORM complaint
Inbuilt menu & user navigation
Full player controls
Trainee performance can be captured
Interactive and user-driven
Usage tracked through LMS analytics
Custom drawn visuals to match client brand
Can embed Workbooks and Learning Aids
Contain bookmarking
Engaging, entertaining, and stimulating
Can incorporate Closed Captions
Can embed Glossaries & Resources
Scalable to screen size
Can be used as part of blended learning
Desktop and Mobile compatible
Digital Delivery
Can incorporate professional voiceover
Flexible order of information
Scalable to suit low bandwidth environments
Self-paced to suit own pace, time & place
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