A focus on e-Learning

Those of you who have worked with esus or were aware of our activity would know that up to recent times, esus comprised of two areas of activity, namely e-learning and web applications. We worked really hard as a company in both these areas and built a fine reputation for high quality work that we are very proud of.

While we were successful in both the e-learning and web application space, we felt it was important for us as a company to concentrate all of our efforts in one area and we chose e-learning as our sole focus.

We were delighted to be able to sit down and talk with our friends in Granite Digital who were very interested in taking over our Web Application business and customer base. This was a “win-win” for both companies as it allowed us to concentrate on e-learning while knowing that our web application customers and staff were going to a really good home and were in safe hands.

Why e-learning?

Well esus e-learning’s business is all about transformation, illustrated by the butterfly metaphor and the visual used in our logo. And this transformation is both functional and aesthetic so our solutions not only work well and meet the needs of our clients but of equal importance, they also look great.

Our e-learning business is about transforming static content into engaging learning material. At its most basic level, we take clients existing material, be that a PowerPoint deck, training manual or Word-based procedure and transform it into an engaging and interactive e-learning course.

That process normally takes the guise of one or a combination of e-Learning, Instructional Video, Game-and Puzzle-Based Learning and Interactive Storyboards.

We will tell you more about each of these elements and about our services in our upcoming blog posts

Stay tuned.

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