Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are used to demonstrate real-world scenarios/processes in the context of the user where trainees can easily relate, what is being shown, to their own everyday activities. They are proven to result in better recall by accessing action-based working memory.


Videos are most commonly used to provide a "live" demonstration of a process or system. "How to" videos are prevalent in both formal & informal digital learning as a written procedure or working process can be very effectively demonstrated via video.
Video demonstration is significantly more effective than written instructions when teaching complicated procedures as all learners undergo a process of encoding information for later recall. Video demonstration alone, or accompanied by spoken instructions, is proven to result in better recall by accessing action-based working memory.
We work with clients to create a storyboard, write the script, provide a professional voice over artist, source background music, and if required, create and embed motion graphics. Our professional videographer will film live action procedures or scripted instruction at your chosen location. The footage is then professionally edited according to the original storyboard and client brief.
Often the final video element is embedded in a larger e-learning course where the video plays within a section of the course to show a real world “live” example of a demonstration of a process or system. Green screen video can also be shot with the client SME (Subject Matter Expert) or a member of the client team, to improve learner identifiability.



Esus provide eLearning solutions which are first rate. Working collaboratively from the outset, they adopt a comprehensive approach, from clearly understanding customer requirements right through to solution delivery. Close attention to detail is their cornerstone and the result is exemplary. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a high quality innovative e-learning solution.


Sample Projects

Below is a selection of sample INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO projects we have recently worked on with clients:

As part of its ongoing commitment to product excellence, Guinness wanted to work more closely with its partners to ensure a consistent…
With senior fitters and supervisors due to retire shortly, ITW Hi-Cone needed to create corresponding videos which captured worker’s wealth of...
The Irish Red Cross had a challenge in delivering their Member Induction course to 3,600+ members. Courses were organised face-to-face in venu...

Use Cases

Instructional video can be provided as a standalone solution and are often used in client projects as part of a blended offering within traditional e-learning courses. Use cases are limitless as the bespoke nature of our Instructional Video solutions ensures a 100% fit to a client’s needs, regardless of objective, subject-matter or intended audience. Based on previous projects conducted by Esus, sample Instructional Video use-cases include:

Video content to illustrate real-world scenarios that the user will encounter, and can identify with, in the business

Video content to replace or supplement classroom-based training

Video content of an SME (subject matter expert) talking to camera to promote a new programme or to get buy-in on a new company initiative with a clear “call to action”

Video content to clearly show a step-by-step process being carried out by colleague

Video content to walk the trainee through and illustrate a new Process, Procedure, Product or Service

Video content to reduce text overload and ensure a higher level of material retention


  • Human characters demonstrating a technique / process allows for real world immersion.
  • Work colleague or SMEs can be used and create a sense of familiarity / identifiability with the trainee/viewer.
  • Help convey key points in a short space of time by engaging the viewer (more than equivalent text would do).
  • Have high recall rates.
  • Stronger material retention than static content.
  • Cost and time saving can be significant when compared to classroom-based or other training interventions. The larger the audience/usage, the more significant the savings!
  • Carbon savings can be significant when compared to classroom-based training.
  • Reduced dependence on SMEs as trainers / coaches.
  • Increased material retention and deeper subject immersion than static / paper-based content.

Can incorporate music track & voiceover
Can be used as part of blended learning
Video controls
Engaging, entertaining, and stimulating
Self-paced to suit own pace, time & place
Can be used as part of wider communications
Can incorporate Closed Captions
Digital Delivery
Scalable to screen size
Desktop and Mobile compatible
Linear / structured order of information
Scalable to screen size
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