Promotional Trailers

Promotional trailers are short engaging ‘teaser’ videos that use concise language & engaging visuals to raise awareness, and help start an internal conservation, among colleagues around a new initiative, process, or programme.


Promotional trailers use concise language & engaging visuals to raise awareness among colleagues of a new initiative, process, or programme.
Trailers are most often used to communicate a message as a high-level summary to a large target audience. The tone for a trailer is upbeat and fast-paced with an emphasis on arousing interest and eliciting further action from the viewer.
This format is often used to create a preview for a new company initiative, an upcoming event, a new process/procedure etc. to boost engagement and buy-in when it launches. Trailers are noticed, remembered, and shared more readily than standard written communication.
A trailer normally closes with a call to action. It is carefully scripted, and the visuals are colourful and engaging to capture the audience's attention. Esus assists with the creative process from defining the goal of the trailer, deciding the direction and tone, choosing the length and animation style, outlining the idea, and writing the script, and storyboarding.


Health Service Executive

The experience of working with Esus was positive from start to finish. We particularly appreciated the time and effort they put into understanding our needs, our ethos, how we work and our services at the start of the project. They were imaginative with design and innovative whilst staying close to our learning goals and objectives. The modules produced were engaging and exceeded our expectations.


Sample Projects

Below is a selection of sample PROMOTIONAL TRAILER projects we have recently worked on with clients:

Esus had worked with the NSS within the HSE to create a suite of e-learning courses and the NSS wanted to promote…
As part of the rollout of a new internal IT tool, our client wanted to raise awareness of its benefits, features and applications.

Use Cases

Trailers are provided as a standalone solution and are most often used to promote a bigger campaign or initiative. Use cases are limitless as the bespoke nature of our Promotional Trailer solutions ensures a 100% fit to a client’s needs, regardless of objective, subject-matter or intended audience. Based on previous projects conducted by Esus, sample Promotional Trailer use-cases include:

Trailers to promote a new company initiative, process, or programme in a fun and dynamic way and help start an internal conservation.

Trailers for large e-Learning course launches to help boost learner uptake.

Trailers with embedded “call to actions” to guide colleagues in the direction you want and encourage them to take the next step.

Trailers to reduce text overload and ensure a higher level of material retention.

Trailers to use in lieu of a slide deck and/or other paper-based material.

Trailers to summarise key points of a new company initiative quickly and precisely.


  • Have high recall rates as short duration retains the user’s attention and ensures full engagement & understanding.
  • Help convey key points in a short space of time by engaging the viewer (more than equivalent text would do).
  • Help reduce complexity and bring any concept to life including abstract ideas.
  • Stronger material retention than static content.
  • Can be a good point of differentiation and help cut through the “noise”.
  • Trailers are noticed, remembered, and shared more readily than standard written communication.
  • Can be used in-person at meetings or on internal communication platforms.

Upbeat and fast-paced tone
Can be used as part of wider L&D initiative
Short and get to the key point quickly
Animated visuals and motion graphics
Arouse interest & elicit further action
Very focused message
Engaging, entertaining, and stimulating
Can incorporate music track & voiceover
Carefully scripted using concise language
Custom drawn visuals to match client brand
Can be used as part of wider communications
Desktop and Mobile compatible
Can incorporate Closed Captions
Digital Delivery
Linear / structured order of information
Scalable to screen size
Self-paced to suit own pace, time & place
Scalable to suit low bandwidth environments
Can be used as part of blended learning
Video controls
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