Animations transform graphics into moving images in a simple, dynamic, fun, and memorable way. They have wide ranging applications from helping demonstrate complex processes to bringing an abstract concept to life.


Animations can be provided as a standalone solution and are also often used in projects as part of a ‘solution mix’ to help demonstrate a complex process or bring an abstract concept to life.
The animation process involves transforming graphics and illustrations into moving images to create a dynamic and memorable experience by drawing attention to, and placing more emphasis on, key points.
Animation is an especially useful method for demonstrating processes that need to be simplified to present an “ideal” scenario. In cases where shooting a video has been determined to be ineffective, cost prohibitive or unsafe, an animation can be an excellent fit and created to 100% match the scenario.
Animation used in projects can range from highly detailed photo-realistic 3D animations to simpler 2D isometric animations.



The expertise and maturity of Esus staff to take inputs/guides and to transform them (filling in the gaps where needed) into highly impactful learning solutions is hugely beneficial to our business as are the excellent levels of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality of output. A great partner to us for the creation of learning, we benefit greatly from their knowledge & experience.


Sample Projects

Below is a selection of sample ANIMATION projects we have recently worked on with clients:

PepsiCo wanted to present and showcase a number of key business wins in an engaging storyboard format. This needed to cater for…
F6 Tech needed an interactive tool to effectively demonstrate its ground breaking “black box” product for the automotive industry ...
As part of the rollout of a new internal IT tool, our client wanted to raise awareness of its benefits, features and applications.

Use Cases

Animations can be provided as a standalone solution but are often used in client projects as part of a wider ‘solution mix’ where they may be embedded within a bigger e-learning course to explain specific content. Use cases are limitless as the bespoke nature of our Animation solutions ensures a 100% fit to a client’s needs, regardless of objective, subject-matter or the level of complexity required. Based on previous projects conducted by Esus, sample Animation use-cases include:

Animations to add a “WOW” factor to a key company message

Animations to demonstrate a real-world process that is impractical or ineffective to do so using video or other means i.e. too costly, too dangerous, complex logistics, etc.

Animations to bring an abstract concept to life

Animations to showcase a new product using 3D ‘photo-realistic’ or 2D isometric images

Animations to get buy-in on a new company initiative

Animations to demonstrate a simplified process to present an ‘ideal world’ scenario


  • Stronger material retention than static or paper-based content.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Help reduce complexity and bring any abstract ideas / concepts to life.
  • Level of detail is flexible i.e. animations can range from the very simple 2D to extremely complex 3D.
  • Can be a good point of differentiation and help cut through the “noise”.
  • Cost and time savings can be achieved when compared to ineffective or cost-prohibitive video-based training scenarios.
  • Can convey a lot of information and detail in a short period of time.
  • The level of detail is only limited by the imagination of the client!

Animated visuals and motion graphics
Engaging, entertaining, and stimulating
Can be used as part of wider communications
Custom drawn visuals to match client brand
Self-paced to suit own pace, time & place
Can be used as part of wider L&D initiative
Desktop and Mobile compatible
Scalable to screen size
Can incorporate music track & voiceover
Can incorporate Closed Captions
Digital Delivery
Linear / structured order of information
Can be used as part of blended learning
Very focused message
Video controls
Scalable to suit low bandwidth environments
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