We have the pleasure of working with global brands, both in Ireland and internationally across the US, the UK, Middle East, Russia and China. Below are samples of our work with clients across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, food & drink, medical devices, healthcare, cybersecurity, entertainment, retail and public sector.

PepsiCo wanted to present and showcase a number of key business wins in an engaging storyboard format. This needed to cater for
PepsiCo needed an interactive tool to help explain and convey key messages and concepts to colleagues relating to business wins, learnings and
As part of its ongoing commitment to product excellence, Guinness wanted to work more closely with its partners to ensure a consistent
With senior fitters and supervisors due to retire shortly, ITW Hi-Cone needed to create corresponding videos which captured worker’s wealth of knowledge,
PepsiCo had an excellent classroom-based course but because it was led by a small group of Subject Matter Experts, they were limited
Pfizer needed to convert a PowerPoint-based course into something more engaging to help colleagues understand the Safe Harbour process and its implications
PepsiCo R&D needed a solution to help tell the story and illustrate the significant growth of the PepsiCo R&D Campus.
Heineken were introducing new leadership concepts to managers and wanted an interactive tool that helped to reinforce the classroom learning. This needed
In advance of GDPR coming into effect, Primark needed to train over 8500 staff whilst minimising disruption to its day-to-day business.
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