PepsiCo R&D

R&D ‘Campus Growth’ Animated Explainer
Food & Drink
2D animated explainer with professional voiceover and background music


PepsiCo R&D needed a solution to help tell the story and illustrate the significant growth of the PepsiCo R&D Campus.


We created an engaging animated explainer to quickly tell the story of the significant growth of the PepsiCo R&D Campus. This used motion graphics, illustrations, and storyboards to great effect with a strong corporate background music track. 


The expertise and maturity of Esus staff to take inputs/guides and to transform them (filling in the gaps where needed) into highly impactful learning solutions is hugely beneficial to our business as are the excellent levels of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality of output. A great partner to us for the creation of learning, we benefit greatly from their knowledge & experience.

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