Steps To Finding The Best E-Learning Companies

The beauty of e-learning is that it is adaptable and therefore beneficial to many sectors and industries, from retail and pharmaceutical to manufacturing and health. E-learning transforms how businesses train employees and communicate company information.

Using methods proven to improve engagement and enhance information retention, e-learning is bridging communication gaps to help grow businesses. The benefits of e-learning are plentiful so to help you find the best e-learning company, we have put together this short guide.

What Is A Custom E-Learning Service?

Companies, like Esus, that offer custom e-learning services, work with you to create e-learning solutions that fit your exact requirements. The result is a bespoke e-learning solution that is never ‘off the shelf’.

With a custom e-learning service, there is an opportunity to bring your content to life. At Esus, we use a combination of different solutions depending on your audience’s needs. This might include animation, gamification, video, voiceover and numerous interactive elements. This combination of formats immediately makes content more engaging.

Know Your End Goal & Audience

To prepare yourself for the e-learning content development process, there are two main points to establish first.

1. The goal

The big question when developing e-learning solutions is what do you want to achieve?. Bespoke e-learning solutions can help:

  • Improve internal employee training
  • Deliver key messaging
  • Provide guidance and instructions to suppliers of your product
  • Present company achievements to multiple stakeholders
  • Maintain an understanding of essential business factors such as GDPR and leadership concepts to key audiences
  • Help customers operate your product, install updates or troubleshoot issues

2. The audience

You might already know that your core audience are employees, stakeholders or customers, but what other essential details can you provide? When planning with your e-learning company, think about the language, age and demographics of your audience.

Having these details clear in your plan will help the e-learning company create the right solution for you.

Ask About Experience

An experienced company will have a portfolio of examples and case studies on their website. Case studies give you an idea of what types of businesses they have worked with before. It also helps you gain insights into the scope of their ability from the solutions they have already provided.

Not all projects will be displayed online, so it is beneficial to ask for examples. Specifically, ask about what is important to you. For example, do you need similar sector examples, examples with similar goals or just a variety of general examples?

Speak To Your Network

Advice from trusted contacts in your network can be helpful for finding an e-learning company. Reach out to your network, inside and outside of your sector, for recommendations. Look for connections who have first-hand experience with an e-learning company or who can connect you to someone that has.

Ask About Resources & Availability

When meeting with a potential e-learning company, ask about their capacity and team size. The length of time needed for bespoke e-learning content development depends on the size of the project. Have this conversation early in the process to ensure your needs match up with the company’s availability.

Ask also about how they manage large or multiple projects. Every company works differently with teams of various sizes. From scoping and content creation to project management, understanding the development process will help you know what to expect.

At Esus, our resources can be increased and expanded in line with required project needs. Within our talented, diverse, and multidisciplinary team, we possess the full range of skills required to produce professional e-learning content. Our team members include Instructional Designers, Technical Writers, Graphic Designers, Voice Over Artists, Animators, Videographers, and more.

Read The Reviews

Online reviews and client testimonials offer a wealth of information. Testimonials can give insights into the solutions that were created, the customer service level, project times and more.

Know Your Maximum Budget

Knowing your maximum budget in advance of meeting with potential e-learning companies will help you judge the fit better. A transparent and experienced e-learning company will be open with you about the suitability of your budget for your needs. After your initial meeting, ask for a detailed quote to ensure that your budget will be used most effectively.

Most bespoke e-learning solutions fees are project-based. When you meet with an e-learning company, talk to them about how they structure fees. Depending on the company, project elements might have a set fee, or they might charge based on the time needed.

Some custom e-learning services offer package solutions. These can work well for some budgets. When considering a package, be clear about what is included. For example, if the solution can be branded or if there are add-ons that will cost more.

Ask About Technology

If you are unsure about how to present your new e-learning solution to your audience, ask your e-learning company about options.

Delivering your e-learning solution is relatively simple and can integrate with your existing Learning Management System or website. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about this – get in touch with Esus.

Look For A Long-Term Fit

When looking for an e-learning company, consider if they are a business you can see yourself working with long term. Not only will you potentially have future projects, but a long term business relationship has many benefits. It means never having to start from scratch again as you will be working with a business that already understands your brand and needs.

At Esus, we pride ourselves on working with our clients in a professional, helpful, friendly, and flexible manner. We believe in establishing strong relationships with all of our clients.

Get In Touch With Us Today

At Esus E-learning, we work with clients in multiple sectors worldwide, including Ireland, Mainland Europe, the US and beyond.

Every solution is different, and that’s why we provide everything from custom drawn graphics, live-action video and animation to name a few. From start to finish, we work closely with all of our clients. Every project starts with scoping work to establish the most appropriate solution to your needs. We then begin content creation that’s always bespoke to the client and perfectly in line with your brand.

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