Esus E-learning in 2023 – A Year in Review

We had the opportunity to work on some fantastic e-learning projects in 2023 and before we get too far into 2024 we thought now would be the opportune time to review some of highlights over the last 12 months. The projects were spread across many different industries and we had the chance to collaborate with clients with whom we have worked on many projects over the years but also a number of new clients who we look forward to working with again this year and into the future. The scope of the projects allowed us to utilise a wide variety of e-learning tools, apply different learning frameworks, and explore a variety of topics.


A selection of e-learning projects undertaken and topics covered

The digital learning Projects we worked on in 2023 were wide-ranging and covered topics such as: Respect, Diversity and Dignity at work; Data protection; Health and Safety induction training; Cyber Security essentials; Public Health initiatives and Disability Awareness. Let’s take a look at these specific projects in more detail.

Respect, Diversity and Dignity at Work

The main objective of this course was to provide over 5,000 employees and contractors with an understanding, awareness, and knowledge, of the internal Dignity and Respect at Work policy. By providing this online training the company ensured all staff had a clear understanding of the importance of showing respect to colleagues and treating everyone with dignity in the workplace while fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion.

Data Protection

Our client was looking to develop a course to provide all staff with an awareness, and knowledge, of the fundamentals of data protection and GDPR. Staff received training to understand the rules governing the use of the personal data being processed within the company, thereby promoting a culture of strong data protection compliance, and reducing the risk of non-compliance. In addition, the E-learning programme allowed for easy tracking of employee progress and completion, which was an essential compliancy requirement.

Health and Safety

We worked with our client to design an online induction course providing employees and contractors with the necessary information to ensure the health and safety of themselves and their colleagues while working. This ensured that they were well-prepared to handle any safety-related situation. As a large manufacturing site with a significant number of personnel on site at any one time, the main objective of the training material was to explain important health & safety rules that employees, contractors and suppliers would need to adhere to while on-site at their facility in Cork, Ireland.


A suite of Cybersecurity awareness animations were delivered to all staff where the objective of the L&D material was to provide employees with a high-level understanding of the different types of cyber security threats that existed in both their personal and working lives. The animations covered topics such as why cyber awareness was so important in the context of protecting the assets & reputation of the company, where & how they may experience threats (on a daily basis) and best practice scenarios in terms of preventing, identifying & handling security threats and incidents. Awareness of these cyber threats was especially important as many employees continued to work, and remotely learn, from home.

Public Health Initiatives

We worked on three separate projects in this sector. The first programme was designed to increase the number of competent private and public providers nationally in light of increased demand within existing healthcare services. The second e-learning course looked at educating healthcare professionals on the recommended stop smoking medications (pharmacotherapies) for the various populations detailed in the National Stop Smoking Clinical Guidelines, with a special focus on helping women who are pregnant and users of secondary mental health services. The final online learning programme provides staff and funded agencies with the skills to recognise, respond and refer victims of violence in vulnerable or at-risk communities. We will continue to work on this project throughout 2024.

Disability Awareness

We developed a Disability Awareness e-learning course for our client to increase awareness amongst employees of the everyday experiences of disability and to ensure that upon completion all staff would have a better awareness, knowledge and understanding of disability, be able to identify different types of disabilities and understand how these can impact a person’s quality of life.


Customers and organisations with whom we completed e-learning projects

2023 saw us again working with Clients at a national and international level. By creating informative and engaging learning and development content for our clients,  we help them provide a better understanding and awareness of the material for their employees. This ensured that organisations connected with their internal audience on a deeper level and the message provided was more impactful.

We had the pleasure of working with a wide selection of clients last year and we look forward to working with them again throughout 2024. These include the HSE, PepsiCo, Aer Lingus, Pfizer, Irish Distillers, the Charities Institute and the Government of Ireland.  Our e-learning clients were based nationally in Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Galway. International projects we worked on include with clients based in the United Kingdom, France, Estonia, the USA and Latin America.


Digital learning formats, solutions and methodologies used

User engagement is key on all our projects and to ensure that the audience remains engaged for the duration of the training we utilise a wide range of Multimedia and Learning Formats such as; User Interactions, Animation, Video, Gamification, Personalisation, Scenarios, Motion Graphics, and 3D Models.

User Interactions

We designed interactive content such as quizzes, simulations, assessments, surveys and interactive scenarios, which encouraged engagement, allowing users to actively participate, check their knowledge and receive appropriate feedback.


Animation played a significant role in a number of projects as it made complex concepts more digestible by clearly illustrating and simplifying processes. Explainer videos, demos and animated scenarios were used to engages the intended audience. 


Videos brought real-life situations into the digital classroom and provided the learner the ability to progress at their own pace, to ensure a clear understanding of the material. Projects that included heavy element of video footage were scripted, storyboarded, designed, filmed and post produced by Esus.


We created a number of interactive games that leveraged human psychology to encourage active learning by engaging and rewarding users. By motivating users to take part in challenges, make decisions and experience practical scenarios, the overall online learning became an immersive and enjoyable experience.


At Esus, we design custom-made visuals tailored to each specific course and project. By tailoring content to client’s preferences and needs we ensured that user experiences were more personalised and relatable.


Incorporating real-life scenarios and creating experiences that are relatable to the learner allows them the opportunity to explore different situations and make informed decisions, enhancing their understanding of various topics.

Motion Graphics

Using motion graphics added an extra layer of visual appeal to training materials. Images and infographics brought otherwise flat data, concepts, and information to life, making it more digestible and easy to understand.


Reasons clients loved working with us

Our why has always been to create memorable engaging content that users want to take as opposed to material that they are “required” to take. We have received some amazing feedback from our clients for the work we have done – here is a small selection of some of the wonderful comments we received from clients.

Project – Dignity at Work

“The extended team at Esus were a pleasure to deal with throughout the project and successfully brought to life what we had envisioned. I would highly recommend Esus for e-learning solutions.”

Project – Data Privacy / Protection Awareness

“SUPER impressed with the end results. Their service levels are exceptional, with on time & on budget delivery of milestones.”

Project – AI Tool Explainer Animation

“Esus were amazing. They created the entire animation for us using only a few bits of strategic insight and direction and I would definitely recommend them.”

Project – Cybersecurity Best Practice

“Thanks for getting the brief so accurate. The animations and supporting infographics are fantastic. The training series was very successful, and we got lots of positive feedback. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Project – Health & Safety Induction

“The expertise and maturity of Esus staff to take inputs/guides and to transform them into highly impactful learning solutions is hugely beneficial to our business as are the excellent levels of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality of output.”

Project – Gamified Confidential Information

“I really want to complement them on it being what I think is one of the best & most effectively designed online trainings I’ve done in my 11 years.”

In 2023 we saw many new and growing trends in e-learning such as Mobile learning, AI, Microlearning and Gamification. The growth of these learning solutions were the result of rapidly changing technology and the increased demand to cater to diverse learning needs.

We look forward to embracing the new and developing technologies that 2024 brings and continuing to deliver impactful, engaging, learner centric content for our clients.


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