Success Stories from Recent E-Learning Projects

At Esus we are committed to creating impactful e-learning solutions. Through collaboration with our clients, we develop bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet their specific requirements. Three of our most recent projects are great examples of how this approach works.

Each project presented distinct challenges with differing success criteria. The results met our clients’ unique project needs – one focusing on content creation, the other on user reach and the final on cost savings.

Developing bespoke e-learning content

The first project saw us working with a major agency in the European Union (EU) where we were tasked with creating an extensive set of online induction learning materials. We produced 6 interactive e-learning modules, 12 animations transforming complex information into engaging, visually compelling content and 48 pieces of video content, each one capturing different aspects of the agency’s work culture and practices. The production of these videos took us across multiple European locations, highlighting the dedication we bring to every project.

Producing awareness materials to boost engagement

This project was with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. We developed a comprehensive suite of training and awareness materials, including 60 second animated explainer videos, visually rich learning infographics, and an interactive game, catering to a broad spectrum of learning preferences. This varied blend of digital content allowed us to create engaging materials to reach an audience of 100,000 employees. Our commitment to creating personalised, impactful learning materials that resonated with a wide range of learners was evident with the success and reach of this project and the feedback we received was further proof of this…

“The videos were brilliant. Very clear, to the point and easy to understand”

“Very nice game with real educational effect”

“It was fun and I felt in tension” 

“Beautiful Infographics”

Learning and Development cost savings

Our final project involved us working with a global leader in the Food & Beverages sector. This project highlighted how the use of innovative e-learning solutions can drive substantial cost savings. We undertook a sizeable conversion project for over 300 plus e-learning courses, translating content into Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Chinese. This project required us to devise a bespoke process to ensure seamless content conversion and translation without compromising the content’s quality or impact. We ensured that all courses were functionally identical and all interactivity was retained whilst using the latest e-learning standards for navigation, player controls and interface design. The project resulted in an estimated saving of €1.4M for our client.

Each project, with its distinct set of challenges and opportunities, allowed us to demonstrate our ability to innovate, and deliver and the results reflect the efficacy of our e-learning solutions. We don’t just create content, we build comprehensive learning experiences that resonate with the learners and contribute to organisational success.

We understand that each client has unique learning needs, and requirements. Whether we are creating an extensive learning repository, reaching a multitude of learners, or driving significant cost savings, we are committed to delivering what our clients need by providing bespoke solutions that deliver tangible results.

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