Irish Red Cross Online Member Induction Course developed by Esus

Esus were recently approached by The Irish Red Cross to create an innovative e-learning solution to address a challenge they were experiencing in delivering their Member Induction course to 3,600+ members.

Before working with Esus E-learning, courses were organised face-to-face in venues around the country, throughout the year. This involved an instructor delivering the course to attendees in a classroom setting, the logistics of which were increasingly challenging from a time, cost and resource perspective. Additionally, there was pressure on participants (and instructors) to travel long distances to attend courses.

Esus worked closely with the Irish Red Cross to fully understand their needs and clearly define the course deliverables. An interactive self-paced online e-learning course was created for new members which enabled participants to take the course both individually and simultaneously, the latter using a shared computer – as some members were not familiar nor comfortable with using technology.

The course was designed in a clear, concise format using appealing and engaging graphics in keeping with the Red Cross branding guidelines. Existing video content was also embedded, and quiz material was incorporated to help assess participants’ understanding of the course content. At the end of the course, another design feature allowed participants to provide feedback on whether they fully understood the material or if more help/support was needed. Feedback is captured directly in the digital learning course and passed back to the Irish Red Cross to allow them to provide any necessary additional support.

The project was deemed a success and Esus were delighted to receive a very kind testimonial from Gavin Lane, Irish Red Cross Senior National Development Officer:

“The overall experience with Esus was professional and this professionalism made for an easier development process on our end. We received detailed updates at every stage which allowed for constant review of the course during its development cycle. As this is the first interaction members will have with the Irish Red Cross, we were eager to develop a course that was informative and enjoyable, a view the team in Esus also shared. This shared view allowed for a course that we are very excited to share with our members moving forward. Questions around integration with current software were answered in an extremely timely manner and the team in Esus were happy to help with any queries I had, which was extremely helpful. The overall experience has ensured that we will be looking to develop further eLearning modules for our members with Esus E-learning.”

Gavin Lane, Irish Red Cross Senior National Development Officer