Esus Develop A GDPR & Data Protection E-learning Course for A Global Retail Client

In advance of GDPR coming into effect in May last year, Esus were approached by a global retail chain who were looking to train over 8500 staff members. The client wanted to provide interactive training to their staff around how GDPR would impact the company in general and more specifically how it would impact individual employees. The elearning project turnaround time was a critical factor. The client needed a self-paced e-learning solution that would allow all staff members to take the course without huge disruption to its day-to-day activities.

Staff members were located globally, with a strong presence in Ireland, the US and beyond. An additional challenge to the learning and development project was the technical constraint of sound / voiceover not being an option in the elearning courses as the company did not have sound cards in all of their PCs.

Esus met with the client and put together a comprehensive e-learning programme and project plan to address a set of clearly defined training needs. Esus created a rich multimedia e-learning course using vibrant, engaging, custom designed visuals and re-wrote the content to enable it to be delivered without voice-over, ensuring all points were clearly displayed on screen while minimising text-overload. Also included were interactive learning elements to ensure continued learner engagement and increased retention levels. As an additional learning resource, Esus created PDF learning aids for departments within the business including Marketing, IT and Retail, all of whom had additional responsibilities in relation to GDPR. These were printed as large format posters and were displayed in staff areas within stores.

In order to ensure staff fully understood the implications of GDPR, Esus designed an end of course multiple choice assessment which required users to answer a minimum of 80% of questions correctly in order to pass the course. If the score was lower than this, the user had to either retake the assessment or the course itself.

As a client with a global footprint, all supporting material was translated into six languages to maximise the customised e-learning solution. These included Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese translated e-learning courses.

Esus delivered all of this content within the client’s tight deadline and were delighted to receive positive feedback on the quality and impact of the multimedia course and supporting materials that had been created. Testament to the digital learning solution delivered, the client provided a glowing endorsement on the overall project.

In our client’s words… Faced with an incredibly tight deadline Esus pulled out all the stops to deliver a compelling regulatory course (in 6 languages) that has received universally positive feedback from our staff – more than 8,500 staff completed the course over a 4 week period. Esus really understood what was needed and demonstrated a willingness to overcome any challenge collaboratively.