Creating Digital Learning Content for the Leaders in Cybersecurity

Trend Micro is a global leader in enterprise data security & cybersecurity solutions.  In 2018, Trend launched ‘Phish Insight’, a phishing simulation service that tests the security awareness of employees against social engineering attacks. More recently Trend Micro have added supporting educational content to the Phish Insight platform. Still in beta, this marketplace allows clients to access security awareness training modules to help educate it’s client’s workforces, enabling them to quickly identify and efficiently deal with attacks.

Esus had previously worked Trend Micro on creating an internal Phishing Awareness e-learning course for its global workforce. With the advent of the new security education platform, Esus worked with Trend to re-purpose that content to suit a wider consumer audience. Esus worked closely with subject matter experts in Trend Micro to develop an interactive and engaging course covering topics including Learning to Spot a Scam, Common Causes of Phishing, Identifying Spear Phishing, Phishing on Mobile and How to Spot a Phishing Email.

The course covers the entire spectrum of phishing techniques, ranging from the most basic ones to the most advanced. It helps users understand the mindset of the attacker and learn how to defend against phishing attempts.

The course is highly interactive, containing audio, visual & animated components that illustrate sample phishing attack scenarios. The course has learner interaction embedded throughout to ensure greater retention of and immersion in the content. The course also includes an assessment quiz upon completion.

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