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About esus e-learning

In business since 2004, esus e-learning create custom e-learning solutions for customers

So esus e-learning's business is all about transformation, represented by the butterfly metaphor and the visual used in our logo.  This transformation is both functional and aesthetic so our solutions not only work well and meet the needs of our clients, they also look great.

esus e-learning innovation

esus e-learning have a well-established and proven track record in understanding and devising innovative and effective solutions to meet our customer's needs.

We work hard to understand the bigger picture as well as the small details that are important to our clients. This allows us to deliver solutions that add real value to our customer’s bottom line

The clients we work with and our project portfolio are testament to this.

Why would you choose esus e-learning ?

Its simple - we help you engage with your audience.  This key benefit applies whether your audience is a customer or a colleague. 

All our solutions are objective-driven.  If your objective is to:

  • Educate : We can build an e-learning course with a wide variety of mechanisms to ensure content retention

  • Inform : We can use a picture, sound, video or animation to effectively tell your story.

  • Communicate : We can help you connect with your audience and convey your message in a better light.

  • Enhance : We can bring your vision to life and augment existing material.

  • Track : We can track your audience’s progress throughout the solution or elearning course

Our solutions have helped a wide range of clients including PepsiCo, Pfizer, HSE, Novartis, Guinness, ITW Hi-Cone and Janssen.



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